You are currently viewing TWO FREE and EASY to use SHOUT-OUT widgets for Lioranboard

Shout-outs on streams are pretty common. You get a raid, streamer friends drop by, or you just want to shout out some people who you admire. Whatever the reason, shouting out someone is a nice way to support fellow streamers.

In this post and video I’ll present you with not one, but TWO amazingly simple to use shout-out widgets for your stream. They work with Lioranboard and are super simple to set up. The best part is that they’re completely free to use (though as always, you can pay-what-you-want is you want to support my work).

Before you can install these widgets, there’s a couple of other things you need installed first:



If you want to set up this widget yourself, you can get my easy to use installer. There’s files to set up the scenes and sources in OBS and the Lioranboard installer adds the deck with all the commands you need. You’re just a few clicks away from adding this widget to your own streams! For more information on how to set it all up and customize this effect, see my video on it!

Want to create this Delicious Shout-Out widget for your own streams? Download the easy installer below.
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