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Have you ever had people come into your stream asking what game you’re playing? Well with this widget, you can show off your current game in places like your intermission or BRB scenes. And it updates itself automatically!

Now this widget is super simple and comes with a handy installer so all you have to do is install it into Lioranboard and it’ll set everything up for you. After that, you’ve got a all the elements that you need to start customizing this to your liking. I kept the widget very plain and simple on purpose, so you can customize it yourself to match the look and feel of your stream!

If you want this to work, there’s a few things you’ll need to have installed before you install the widget. Of course, we’ll be using OBS Studio and Lioranboard, so make sure you have both installed and fully updated. Then we need the following plugins and extensions:



If you want to set up this widget yourself, you can get my Easy use Installer. Simply install the extension file and Lioranboard takes care of the rest… adding the scenes in OBS, setting them up, all that stuff. For more information on how to set it all up and customize this effect, see my video on it!

Want to create this Show Current Game widget for your own streams? Download the easy installer below.
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