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We all love getting raided on our streams! Usually we give a shout out. This effect will take your regular shout out to the next level! Give your raiders a shout out with their own stream clips! The best way to introduce them to your community!

I saw this effect for the first time in the streams of one of my friends. I raided them and they said that they’d give their community a little glance in what my streams looked like. I had no idea what they were gonna show, but when all of a sudden one of my clips pulled up, I was mind blown. I didn’t understand how they had gotten a clip of me that fast. But I quickly learned that a tool provided this amazing effect.

Now obviously we can go and use a tool… but making things yourself is a lot more fun and gives you more flexibility. So that’s exactly what I’ve done! I’ve gone and set out to make it myself. With the help of some Lioranboard extensions and some creativity I have recreated this effect for my streams. But not just that… YOU can also get it on yours! Below are the things you’ll need in order for this to work:



If you want to set up this effect yourself, you can get my Easy use Installer. Simply install the extension file and Lioranboard takes care of the rest… adding the scenes in OBS, adding filters, all that stuff. For more information on how to set it all up and customize this effect, see my video on it!

Want to create this Raid Shout-out effect for your own streams? Download the easy installer below.
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