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For a while now, I’ve been making Quick Stream Tip videos over on YouTube. These videos aim to help streamers with fun effects or interactive things to add to their streams, but also with general things, like how to install plugins to OBS, how to make your webcam look even better or how to automate going live notifications.

More recently I’ve also been creating interactive things for my stream in Lioranboard. Some of my videos show these effects off, while at the same time showing how you can recreate them in your own streams. Up until now, I always had to show you how to do that and you had to recreate these effects from scratch yourself. While doable, it’s obviously a little annoying and a bit of a hurdle for people who might be new to the tool, but still like to add cool stuff. And while I offered downloads for some of these effects, they were a bit all over the place. You could download them here from my blog, but primarily I directed people to my Discord, which also wasn’t the easiest way to do things, as people had to go into a channel to search specifically for the thing they were looking for…

So… I’ve been working behind the scenes on changing that. And with that I’d like to introduce my brand new Ko-Fi page. For those of you who never heard of Ko-Fi, it’s similar to sites like Patreon, where you can support your favorite creators. However, on Ko-Fi you’re not stuck to monthly subscriptions. Instead you can do one-time donations for the price of a cup of coffee (hence the name).

On this page I aim to share all my future and – eventually – older downloads where you can find them more easily. Of course they’ll still be free, however if you feel like they helped you, you can always consider paying for them via a ‘pay-what-you-want’ mechanism. And the biggest change is that the downloads will – where possible – feature easy to use installers that’ll make it a lot easier to install and use them.

The first free download with easy installer is already available and it’s the Playstation Trophy effect that I showed off last week. You can now easily install this on your own stream with just a few simple clicks.

I’d love to hear what you think of this new way of getting my assets, so feel free to leave your feedback as a comment on this post, or send me a message on any of my socials. While Ko-Fi is a new platform for me, I do want to use it for more than just my QST stuff. Things like sneak peeks at upcoming things, behind the scenes looks at how I create my streams and stuff like that. And of course, if you have ideas or input, I’d love to hear them as well! And if you supported me on Ko-Fi, be sure to send me a message with a screenshot and your username, so you can get a special Ko-Fi supporter role on my Discord!

Thanks for reading and… let’s have a Ko-Fi ☕

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