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So that day that we all know is coming every single year… well today (or at the time of writing, actually yesterday) was that day for me: my birthday! My 31st birthday to be exact.

It’s funny I don’t actually really like birthdays. I don’t like being in the center of attention (I know, kinda weird as a streamer right), or having a big group of people gathered in my apartment just to celebrate my birthday. I mean, obviously I try to celebrate it every year, albeit somewhat small-ish, but I’m always a little relieved when it’s over. I guess my birthday is kinda like new years for me… but I’ll cover that in another post I guess 😅.

Last year was off course a big one. The year I turned 30. A birthday I’ve been dreading for several years. I think at the age of 26 I was already not looking forward to turning 30. I don’t really know why, can’t put my finger on it. I guess it’s just a feeling of “getting old”.
Like when you’re in your teens, you’re still young, going to school everything is possible. Then you turn to your 20s, slowly turning into an adult, graduating, getting your first job all that stuff. But then… 30. It’s like this age that doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Are you old, are you still young? What the hell is it? Like when you turn 40… well that’s when you know you’re on the highway to “being old”. And sure, I do believe you are as old as you feel, but still. That number just keeps looming over you.

A video I made for my 30th birthday; looking back on highlights of those 30 years (sorry only in Dutch, but pictures do tell a big part of the story I guess).

So today I celebrated my 31st birthday. Kinda weird doing it too. You know with COVID-19 still very much present. And let me tell you, she wasn’t invited to the party and yet she managed to make a fuzz nonetheless. So I celebrated it simple. Just my parents visited this morning to drop off my gift and say hi. The present they got me, was a Tacx bike trainer. A few months back I finally got my very first road bike. I’ve had a mountain bike for years, but didn’t really use it anymore to go off road. And somehow those big thick tires are not making it easy and enjoyable to ride long road sections 😅.

So this trainer is hopefully gonna help me to keep my bike training going even when mother winter shows its cold harsh face in a few months! At least Churro 🐶 seems to approve of it! Wait until he hears this thing actually makes noise and moves and such…

Speaking of bike trainers, I took it for a spin right away. Tried it with the app Zwift, which allows you to ride in a virtual environment with literally hundreds if not thousands of other people. Fun thing is, you actually get to see them ride along side you. It’s pretty cool. And well, if you know me a little, anything that kinda resembles a game and looks cool, already has a point in my book (hence why I actually keep enjoying Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch).

My first ride in Zwift. Too bad we don’t have these awesome environments where I live.

And that kinda concluded my 31st birthday. Ooh yeah, Peter made a kick-ass dinner for us both to enjoy and we watched a movie while eating it (Zombieland 2, quite a fun one to be honest). And now I’m here, writing this blog post and replying to everyone who has send me a birthday wish via social media (thanks so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate those)! Now it’s only 364 days until I celebrate my 32nd birthday. I’m not really that big on looking ahead or anything, but I am wondering where I am in my live at that point. Guess only time will tell!

Thanks for reading, stay delicious and see you next time!

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  1. Peter’s Treasury

    You’re definitely not old. But since you’re ahead of me again (since I’m 30) I will call you a cougar for the remaining time till my birthday. :p

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