Hi, welcome to my site and thanks for stopping by. I’m a streamer and filmmaker with a huge passion for creating (video) content and storytelling. Whether it’s engaging with my audience on Twitch, or filming and editing a video for YouTube, I just love doing it!

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I started making videos on YouTube in my early twenties. I always dreamed of one day working in television and thought making videos as a hobby would be the next best thing. I quickly found that content creation is a huge passion of mine. I always put some extra love and care into my videos by shooting b-roll and trying to tell a story.

One day I wanted to try out what it was like to create content live. I started a live stream on Facebook unboxing my first Apple Watch. While it was a very simple stream, I quickly realized how much I loved the live element. Soon after this I tried out Twitch streaming. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the format of live video creation. The live interaction with the audience adds an extra dimension that pre-recorded video just can’t match. 


Streaming is my passion, you are the stars

Hi, my name is MrJordilicious, but you can also call me Jordy. I’m a variety streamer but my focus is on YOU, my viewer. I love chat interaction, so don’t hesitate to speak up. Also sometimes you’ll see me as my character Brooklyn the wolf (yes I’m a furry).







I love catching a story through the lens of my camera. Trying to capture the moment from a different angle, taking the viewer with me TO that moment, instead of them just being an audience.

On top of that I love helping others by making educational content and entertaining videos.

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